October 07, 2012

Scoop, Video Applications with Heat Body Sensor

Written by Serenata Leony Rosalia Marie Jose

Seeing  development of communication technology that uses video moment, it appears the development and innovation more apparent to communicate over long distances is possible. The use of communication via skype for example, a long-distance communication is effective because, although separated distance, but you can still see the face of each speaker. So, we can have a chat while looking at each other's faces on the screen even though sometimes there is noise going on. Actually, without having to use any skype communication distance can still be done as via BBM, SMS, facebook, twitter, or e-mail. But it seems people are never satisfied and create a new application, namely Skype. The development of applications such as Skype must continue to have long-distance communication innovations that increasingly feels real.

The owners of long distance relationships have traditionally relied on communication through BBM, SMS, facebook, twitter, or other applications. However, there is also a selalui rely video applications such as skype. Sometimes, the owners of this long-distance relationship was not so satisfied with the Skype application can only communicate while showing video of each speaker. Therefore, do more innovation to provide good service and satisfying for communicators distance. Moreover, in this era of technological age of the 21st century, the distance is no longer an issue.

Innovation will be seen from the development of applications where skype is where when people talk to a long distance over the internet, we can see where the person is in front of us directly. Thus, the overall display is the communicator alone entity. Innovation relies on body heat sensors so it can display the projector from the communicator himself to his interlocutor. For his interlocutor, he should have the same application innovation, reflecting the projector from the communicator said. If you already have a projector tool for this application, then the long-distance communication that feels very real anything can happen. Basically, what we see in front of us it is the image that is reflected from the body heat sensor had a projector that has been provided and only purchased only by user. When users choose to delay buying a projector, the remote communication that felt real would not be implemented. So, in essence, the innovation of this application will give an edge to the user to look at the body as a whole are talking in front of him, as if they were talking in the same room.

This innovation will make it easier and make the people who have a long-distance relationship was not having problems longer distance. Just enough to connect to the internet, download the latest application and order tool shadow projector to the other person, then it can be used. Excess applications compared with other applications is only this application can provide services remotely with a video that displays the body of the other person directly, making us feel at the same place and time. In addition, this application also makes us as if speaking directly to the other person. The drawback of this application is the noise that occurs causes the image produced from the projector can sometimes be stilted. However, when supported with a maximum speed of internet, it is guaranteed video services shadow of projectors will be smooth like a person talking. In addition, this application is the lack of application users have to pay to buy a projector that can produce a shadow of his interlocutor.Plans for the next innovation for innovation is when the sales figures have reached 2500 projector, it will be assembled with the laptop and the computer itself Scoop brand, same as the name of the application. In laptop or computer has no application Scoopnya and behind the scenes are there own projector to display the shadow speaker. So, people who will one day buy a laptop or computer brands Scoop not have to buy another projector to produce a shadow of its application. In addition, the laptop or computer chip implanted Scoop myself have wifi at maximum speed. Wifi chip can be used at any time and do not need to find a hot spot to get a signal. So, as if already embedded modem for internet on a laptop or computer brand's Scoop. Wifi chip is expected to provide good quality image projector for application users Scoop.