October 07, 2012

Cellphone Innovation

Currently very stout innovations in the field of electronic communication has improved a lot around us. Ranging from mobile phones, internet, television, radio and a whole range of innovations have been created and continue to be developed today. Nowadays, as we know there are many new products that have been found. For example, resilient cellphone as it has been produced by one of the pioneers in the world of communication NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG and others. My imagine what it will be able to help us in terms of communicating the future. It is possible to present the technology that exists in my mind can not be realized because foolishness of technology, but it does not mean impossible. It could be created, originated from an idea from China that has made cellphone that can detect nuclear radiation, from there I have a shadow to make / create a proposal for new technology.
Had appeared several new ideas from some of the originator of technology in the world but due to lack of interest from the community so a lot of brilliant ideas that sank over time. And now I want to describe and explain the technologies that I want to make in the future. That is a very powerful mobile phone and also can be used in a fairly long period of time, the use of solar energy. Many people are already using this technology in everyday life today, but no one has used it in the form of portable like a mobile phone.
Portable technology today has become a thing that is not new in our society, starting from the emergence of a long-distance communication device that can be worn anywhere and at any time which is called a cell phone or gadget that is currently emerging, and hopefully with the technology innovation I made this to make the ease of communication, and satisfaction of the people all the time constantly varying.