February 08, 2012

DGTel 537 With Full Multimedia Features

The main characteristic of this phone is two cyrcle that is embedded in the side of the top. A sphere is a laser light. To activate the laser light just press the button a little execution time, or can simply click on the menu laser. The laser light was just for entertainment, because the laser light on-set to be the focal point of the course, the laser light can be used to help during a presentation. While one another sphere merely accessories.
One more unique than DGTel 537 is a view of the rear body. Structure of the body has a pretty cool behind the curve of the body that make up the futuristic groove. Cone speakers that make a special motif, add charm DGTel 537. but, certainly, the curve of the body is quite comfortable when held.
There is no description for the color depth of information and the type of technology used.
DGTel 537 has full multimedia features. One is the music player. When listening to music without the help of earset, audio was loud and a lot of noise. It would be better if listening to music using the earset, of course it is returned depends on the quality earset you have. Fun, this phone already has an 3.5mm jack port that is universal, making it easier to stick the quality earset according to taste.
As a means of photography, there is a camera that can capture images with a maximum size of 640x480 (VGA). With a capacity of VGA lens, the aim is fairly standard. The camera is equipped with all the picture settings, giving effects, night mode, and other standard menu. Another feature analog TV into a mainstay DGtel 537. Apart from the grasp of the different signals in each region, the quality of broadcast TV is quite satisfactory.
Mobile is also not free from social networking features. There are icons to Facebook and Twitter. When clicked, you will arrive at the mobile version of Facebook and Twitter. GPRS Internet access only, it also makes a connection to social networking was a bit slow. More features 537 DGtel no different from other local phone.
Merely relying on GPRS internet connection.
This mobile phone works on GSM dual networks. Performance dual on GSM network, it works fine, no problems when used in telephony activity. When tested the music player menu, camera, analog TV, mapupun when surfing the virtual world, it is also not a lot of obstacles encountered.
DGTel 537 has a small internal memory which is only 59Kb. But you do not worry, this phone has reached additional microSD external memory slot. Unfortunately, there is no limit on how much information the external memory can be added to the body DGTel 537.
Endurance DGTel 537 supported type Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 850 mAh. If you see kelengakapan owned multimedia features, the battery capacity is small. When analog TV play for a full hour, the battery has been reduced by more than one bar