February 08, 2012

Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2 : Opera Mini/Mobile Browser Application

Using opera mini get text stays sharp during zooming, improved text-wrap on zoom, Smart-tap, auto-zoom and highlights links if ambiguous link click and Incremental zooming for devices w/o multi-touch.  Find on the below the download link Opera Mini browser for Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2. If you install this application , now you can surf the web on Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2 as easily as on a desktop computer.  The latest versions software of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile get an more of light , speed, and power. Here is two way to get opera to your Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2, direct from phone or via PC


Use your Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2 as default Web browser to visit the address m.opera.com.


List Opera Mini and Mobile from old to newest version. Transfer this file to your device, and install it. Tutorial How convert jad/jar to apk android find here:

Opera mini Version 4.4 for Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2:

Download link : opera mini.jad or opera mini.jar. file

Opera mini Version 7 :

Download link :

· Opera mini apk /

· opera-mini- .jad or

· opera-mini- .jar file

Opera mini Version 7.5 :

Download link : opera mini-apk

Opera Mobile 12.1 :

Download link : Android 1.6+ Opera– International

Note : when you download and install this application but its say not compatible for your Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2 , please choose the lower version of opera mini application. Or you must root your device with newest version of android OS .