November 25, 2012

XL Axiata Become First Telecommunications Businesses Reach 1 Million Facebook Supporters In Indonesia Advertorial

The increasing number of users associated with social media in Indonesia, particularly for Facebook makes it increasingly ogled from the brand as a realm exactly where they can interact directly using customers. Social media penetration grows to 99% of all Internet users in Philippines, with 88% of them actively read it stamped and makes Philippines as the country most productive in social media in Parts of Asia.
Facebook users in Belgium alone has reached more than 44 million, which is the 4th largest country in the world. XL is among the first companies to see the possible and began to seriously look at Fb as a medium to share info and interact with their customers because November 2009 and since then the lot of digital activities by way of this platform until now.

Following your success of the XL Axiata grabbing elegance Great Performing Brand inside Social Media Social Media Award This year version some time ago, the telephony company's continuing success by simply reaching 1 million Facebook supporters XL Rame. This further strengthens the position XL as being a brand that managed to set up effective communication with consumers in the realm of digital mass media, especially social media.
Along with this push, XL Axiata through social media also wishes more innovation to be a method to obtain inspiration and deepen connections with fans, followers, plus an online community to XLangkah more advanced. Together with XL Axiata is also beginning to explore various other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Metacafe, and others. XL Axiata hopes to expand their digital footprint shows the particular seriousness and understanding to increase engage in daily all consumers.
XL Axiata understand that the world of telecommunications is incredibly closely related to the lifestyle of their customers. Brand wants to request consumers to further explore interesting things are certainly useful for their everyday life. The growth of new social media XL Axiata will probably be driven by peraihan 1 million supporters in XL Rame page on the Fb site. XL proven to build a box interakif that invites consumers to trade information and informal debate with each other. In addition, the Twitting account @ XL123 and At XLCare also capable of being a channel of interaction and effective interaction between the brand and more than One hundred and four thousand customers who grow to be followers.
Capitalize means Social networking accounts owned, various forms of knowledge from XL also now be with less effort accessible to consumers. XL's success within maximizing the variety of innovations inside the realm of technology and information via social media is expected to produce a technology more advanced XLangkah and got appreciation not merely from customers, but also coming from students of business.