November 24, 2012

Acer Smartphone Claimed 'Most Indonesia'

Acer has just introduced their latest smartphone 3. Not only claimed to have exceptional features and specifications, reputedly one of the phone is made of the results of research of smartphone users in Indonesia.
"For example, Z110, this product is suitable for first time users who use smartphones, especially the students," said Jason, in Plaza Senayan (22/11/2012).
Yes, among the three products, Acer Liquid Z110 is the most unique. Therefore, this phone is claimed to be made ​​based on feedback of the mobile phone users in Indonesia.
"Based on the input and desires of mobile phone users in Indonesia, it creates these products," he added.

"Acer has smartphone been 2 years, but the current product is based on in-depth research in Indonesia for 1 year," said Jason Lim, President Director Acer Indonesia.
There are 3 smartphone introduced by Acer, the Z110 Liquid, Liquid E350 and S 500. Each offers features and target different market segments.

Acer Liquid Z110 carries a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3 MP camera and dual SIM support On. Because students aiming the phone is priced at friendship, at $ 1.1 million. Author : T Heriyanto