September 24, 2012

Solutions for Overcoming Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce

"The main reason underlying the high risk of security in e-commerce transactions are found many weaknesses in the laws, regulations, and the system itself as well as E-Commerce and Internet technologies (Yazdanifard, Edres, & Seyedi, 2011)".It is possible to improve and enhance security measures at this time by way of customer satisfaction and trust. In many organizations, security is an integral part of the security infrastructure. E-Commerce have to adjust the level of security according to the needs and demands of customers. (Yazdanifard, Edres, & Seyedi, 2011)
Security on the Internet is very important to promote E-Commerce. Companies that store sensitive information on their websites to ensure that they have adequate security measures to maintain their sites from intrusion. A company could face internal and external security threats. From the external aspect, the company could face problems from hackers, viruses, and Trojan horses. Internally, the company must ensure the security of the technical staff and employees.
Software developers need to develop software to improve security such as encryption, digital signatures, biometrics, virus protection, introduced the seal is also recommended (Yazdanifard, Edres, & Seyedi, 2011). In addition to security measures were adequate, appropriate legal documentation will also be required. And finally, educating customers about the importance of security issues and how to protect their computers is also an essential part of the security implementation. Therefore, an increase in the security aspects of E-Commerce is not only focused on the company, but also on customer needs and the software development process. Security must also be achieved collectively and not individualistic in order to improve the perception of security systems online.
Practical solution may also include the development of a more customer-oriented privacy practices. One is by way of introducing a system of P3P to the site that shows customers how the site collects, handles and uses personal information (Yin, Li, & Sun, 2007). A recent study showed that when dealing with an online service, ease of use and the credibility of the service supply companies have a positive influence privacy risk (Featherman, Miyazaki, & Sprott, 2010). Regardless of the method used, the company must take action or to improve the quality and number of steps given in order to provide security and reduce the risk of service to customers.
Collective effort between countries is needed to resolve the issues of privacy and security in the world of E-Commerce, considering the issues and the problems this is an issue that has been globalized. Therefore, it is now widely between countries forums or organizations who deliberately set up to formulate policies and laws regarding transactions in the cyber world. One of the forum which will have impact on the world of E-Commerce Indonesia is APCF (Asia-Pacific Cyberlaws Forum) is committed to developing policies cyberlaws robust, comprehensive, and logical for countries in the Asia Pacific region (Sembok, 2003) .