September 27, 2012

Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace

In today's era of information disclosure, in fact all the people easily get information. With the internet, things can get. Whether it's music, pictures and video. Not only facilitate the information, but with the internet these days, the world seems to have become a village or called global village. (McLuhan and Quentin, 1997). Indeed, the era is completely connected to the Internet, will allow us to interact with one another. And with a social media such as social networking sites, we can interact with friends - our friends, in its development, a social networking site owned by us is now not only serves as for the interaction alone but also as a form of identity that is new to us.
On the social networking site, it is also a social networking site helps people to present one's self-identity as a signal to help navigate someone on a social media (Boyd, 2004), meaning that the presence of an identity in social networking sites, they it's easier to interact on them when in the identities are common.
A social networking site also offers entertainment to the users, such as Facebook, today many who use facebook just to play the game alone, while the "fact" of the networking sites are ignored. Function - This new function is due to media convergence happens, the term convergence is often used in the development of information and communication technologies, and the integration of text, video, images and sound  (Briggs & Burke, 2000)
But beyond that, social media offered the freedom of speech in cyberspace, they are free to express opinions, opinions, or criticize something. However, with all the chatter on twitter and on facebook, they chatter becomes an identity which they form in cyberspace. Those who like to criticize something and spread of social media will be considered as a critical, or people who like to complain will then share their activities on a variety of social media, we will assumed as a complainer.