March 20, 2012

Hardware Computer

The computer is a collection of interconnected electronic equipment between one component and another component that can be used to insert the data, process the data, and produce information.To be used to process the data needed two devices interconnected with each other, namely:
1. Computer hardware (hardware) and
2. Computer software (software).
Hardware (hardware) computer, can not be used without us give the command with a code or a specific programming language, or often referred to as Computer Software (software). Computer hardware (hardware) are all part of the physical computers, and is distinguished by the data it contains or operates on.To be used to enter data, process data, and produces the least amount of information of computer equipment should consist of a keyboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), monitors, and printers.
Insert Equipment (Input)
This equipment serves to incorporate data from outside into the processor or computer memory so that it can be processed into information. Input equipment consists of several devices as follows:
Keyboard input is a medium which is the primary means of support can include letters, numbers, special characters, and as a means to give commands from the user (user's computer) by using the buttons available.
The keys on the keyboard can be divided into four sections, namely:
Typewriter Key
It is a button that works the same as the button on the typewriter.
Numeric Key
This button will function as a numeric keypad (number) if the <Num Lock> light is on (on). However, if the light is off (of) then the function is non-numeric keypad.
Function Key
Keypad consists of 12 keys are F1 to F12. not the same as for the usefulness of each other, depending on the program being executed.
Special Function Key
This button will function when pressed with another key
This tool is used to set the cursor move quickly or be used to give commands in a practical and fast. In the mouse there is a small ball which if actuated will cause the electrical signals sent to the computer according to the mouse movement.
2. Central Processing Unit
The function of the CPU is to process and process data in order to obtain information as expected. The function of the equipment in the CPU can be divided into three kinds, namely process equipment, storage equipment, and peripheral equipment.
Process equipment
Tools that digunakkan to cultivate and process the data. Included in the discussion of process equipment is the processor, ROM, RAM.

Processor is one of the most important in the computer, as it is execute kind of a computer. The higher  computer processor the better the computer.
ROM stands for Read Only Memory. ROM contains a program that has been set by penbuat computing devices and the existence of this program can not be changed, added, or reduced by the computer user. The contents of ROM is required when a computer is turned on. The command is in the ROM portion is transferred to RAM. Among the commands of the ROM is the command to read the operating system from disk, the command to check all equipment in the system unit, and a command to display a message on the screen. ROM contents will not be lost even if the electricity goes out.
RAM is memory that can be filled with programs and data during the flow of electricity is still alive. When the electricity goes out then erased the entire contents anyway. Suppose you have typed approximately ¾ along the screen, then a power outage when you have not done so goes the rest of the data storage that is typed.
Storage Equipment
Are means for storing data, information, instruction, maupu program. There are several storage devices, such as:Disk, Hardisk, CD (Compact Disk), Flashdisk & Disk Array Controller
3. Additional Equipment
Peripheral is a device that has been added to better utilize a computer. This device is classified as input devices, processor, and an output device. These devices are usually in the form of cards should be installed on expantion slot located on the motherboard. Several enhancements are commonly used, such as: Modem,Music Card,TV Card,Webcam and Headphones
4. Equipment Output
Output equipment is a tool used to display information from a computer. Output equipment commonly used are:

Tools to display the results of typing data. in term computer processing, information or writings that appear on the monitor screen is called soft copy.
Tools for printing information on paper. In computer terms, information or anything that has been printed in the paper called hard copy.