March 19, 2012

Cell Phone impact on Lifestyle and Business

The one thing to realize that the presence involving cell phones that have the facility to view television or better known because tv-phone be a great opportunity to provide exposure for children. The presence of cellphones but can be used as a tool to learn, as well as a loyal friend because children feel lonely or even no activity. In this regard, a study of Greenberg said that the eight motive why children watch television-which needless to say can be easily accessed via mobile phones supported by tv-phone facility-that is, to fill up the time, forget the trouble, understand something, learn self-giving stimulation, comforting, looking for friendship and just any habit.
The entry of mobile phones, particularly the 3G as well as tvphone to children is also a negative or positive impact. Ready or not, your certainly should be able to accept the actual social changes that may appear in
various aspects of life.


The affect of the use of this telephone is on people's life-style. By using mobile phones capable of aside from operate a mobile phone with 3rd generation technology or tvphone, one would feel that their social status can be higher compared with the general human population, especially if the environment is not one that has or is able to function the phone.
The presence of an increasingly innovative mobile phones can also change gradually - land habitual methods for using mobile phones, which had been recently stuck in the ear to get talking to stare at the display on the phone type 3G.
The particular negative impact of the using mobile phones lifestyle is eclipsed tradition or custom, by way of example, the feast religious. On one side, to communicate face to face through the mobile phone makes it easy users to mutually congratulate each other without having to do travel far to meet. But however, it also shows erosion in the traditional family as Sungkeman the particular Java Ethnic community, tradition of meet another  and every visit home on their neighborhood .

Another bad impact, especially for urban modern society,via chat services, for example, the sex business individual can and promote freer trade. They may be willing to perform body via a video call after asking for the transfer of resources to the devotees first.


In the field of business Or enterprise, the emergence of 3G is certainly able to facilitate their meeting with clients as well as business associates. Through video phone they can just submit gives of cooperation, doing meetings slightly and etc. Beside that, Mobile also encourage the growth of economic activity throughout other sectors, which keep the operation of the phone.