March 14, 2012


With these additional functions, the work can be easier and shorter to do.
1. Assistive devices, help in image manipulation with Photoshop, among others:
• Navigator palette, help navigate large images.
• Info Palette, featuring information that is often needed.
• Zoom Tool, enlarge or reduce the image.
• Hand Tool, scrolling in the image.
• Color Sample Tool, see the color values ​​in a region (point).
• Eye Dropper Tool, determine the color of the background and foreground toolbox.
• Measure Tool, measure distances and angles.
• Palette file browser, browse (look-see) file to be opened / edited
• Palette tool presets, save the configuration option bar. To return just click and load configuration option bar immediately changed to a value that has been saved (saved previously).
• Workspace, determine the location of the tools in Photoshop. To save and load back workspace use menu Window | Workspace |. For example to reset the workspace to the default state, use the menus Window | Workspace | Reset Palette Locations.
2. Layer, is stacked sheets that build an image (file with extension. PSD). Use the Layers palette to make it easier to edit files with layers. There is some kind of layer, among others:

• Layer normal (raster) layer is used for ordinary manipulation.
• Type layer, is the layer of the text (writing).
• Shape layer is the layer that contains the shape / form.
• Layer Mask is a layer containing the mask.
• Fill or Adjustment Layer layer is used to change the coloring of the image.

3. Action, is used to execute certain commands automatically. With Action, we can record (record) and execute again (play) steps in manipulating files that have been done. Action is often used to simplify and
accelerate the process of manipulation in order not to have to repeat it manually. Because it can be stored
in a file (with the extension. ATN), we can exchange Action. In addition, we also can learn the steps other people's actions in manipulating the image. With using batch (menu File | Automate | Batch), Action can execute on multiple files images at once.
In my experience, one of the fastest ways to master Photoshop application is studying the action produced by world-class designers. You can search for Action via the internet, especially on the site If you do not want to bother, now Photoshop has many books that provide action for study.

4. Droplet, used to make the file executable (. Exe) that serves to process automatic editing of the image. Done by performing a drag and drop image files will be edited to file droplet.