October 12, 2012

What is Brain Telepathic Phone?

Talking without asking a word from your mouth is an obvious factor unreasonable sense and can not really possibly be done by humans. Nevertheless, believe it or not almost every person residing on earth and never wanted to talk directly to the person they want to proceed without any one else is around they are fully aware and realize this. Frequently we replace a word or perhaps a symbol in body actions, facial expressions, and so on because the password to the person that you want to give the message. According to the declaration and study of the many people who are about us, it is not uncommon the more people know the meaning of the actual symbols that we point out the message was we thought about being a secret to be nothing beats the original destination.


Things uncovered above makes a relatively revolutionary idea crossed the mind of individual that has true nature is definitely hungry and never satisfied with the achievements of that they have achieved. Emerged a concept that playing in the range of innovation in it and telecommunications. A new gadget based on the proposed high-level technology in order to human life. This tool is extremely small to be inserted right into a human skull which acts to make humans able to contact each other directly into their minds such as telepathy that exist in science fiction. Items with all the sophistication, sophistication, as well as technological prowess that has not really been invented by man is offered a name that is Brain Telekinetic Phone.

Brain Telepathic Telephone is made with nano technology ideas so that it does not require the fairly large size in the process of it's use. Indirectly, the concept of new ipod nano technology is used also tends to make fulfill wishes inception from the idea of ??creation of this outstanding device that wants them have a very small size. Very small dimensions are intended by the originator from the idea for the device known as Brain Telepathic Phone has the capacity to be placed in the human head rather placed in areas of the mind stem which is a gathering spot for the entire nervous going in as well as out of the human brain. In addition, little size also assured during the process associated with implantation into the body is not going to take place surgical activities and is not prone to damage the tissue as well as bodily functions though.

Implementation Process observed and imagined would be a procedure that's actually not as frightening in fact that will happen. Telekinetic Phone Brain size is really small tip of a tool may put a physical form like a syringe that has been therefore we know so far. Differences just part that is similar to a needle has a size to much longer. This really is caused by the injection associated with Brain Telepathic Phone is going to be done from the side from the neck toward the brain originate. When he reached the brain originate, the BTP will be automatically launched and yes will bridge her locks with every nerve we've and synchronize personal data info entered manually before implantation towards the memory in the brain.

Following the implantation process run smoothly and successfully, and also the synchronization process is all complete , Telepathic Telephone Brain activation will transfer data to satellites. Satellite television is designed specifically to enhance the performance of these small devices with super pc components in it so that it can hold all user data Telephone Brain Telepathic. These geostationary satellites also serve as a liaison individual with other people when they want to talk. Our brain will determine who definitely are ready to take our contact and the message what we may deliver. Once everything is arranged, the information will be sent to the actual satellite and we want to interact with the people we want and we may communicate freely in the thoughts without someone else who knows ..

Cruising to note is that not everyone can talk and relate to all the people that use Brain Telepathic Telephone. Like the cell phone is still available on the market right now where they should possess a contact number in order to contact the actual parties concerned, this high-tech gadget also needs to be synchronized with one another so that the users are able to telepathies communication device. Of course there are terms and conditions that must definitely be fulfilled by both parties. What's needed that must be met Brain Telekinetic Phone users are located inside the adjacent, more or less in 5 meter radius. Users also provide been exchanging information vocally, because it will create a storage and that memory will be monitored and synchronized automatically with a super computer in the satellite television. If the activity lasts for a quarter-hour then it will be the data is stored as interlocutors by Mind Telepathic Phone contacts which exist in the brain stem and we'll be able to communicate with him readily.

Author : Ivan Linggo/ILKOM