October 01, 2012

Tutorial Create Profiles for Multiple Phones

Here is tutorial to create profiles for more than one phone or can said multiple phones. This action can be done use the Motorola Phone Tools software.    Motorola Phone Tools will allow you to create multiple profiles (connect several phones).Please find this software from CD software that include you buy this new phone.You also can download from any source in internet.

Step to create profiles are follow as :

1. Open Motorola Phone Tools with No phone connected to the computer.

2. It should then ask you to select your profile.

3. Then Click on New

4. Name the profile the model of the phone or if you have more than 1 of the same model name it the person's name and model, Max V400.

5. Then click OK and OK again

6. It should ask you to install a new device or you may have to click on Redetect

7. Select your connection method, USB or Bluetooth and click Next

8. Plug the phone into the computer and let it install it  and  You will do this for each phone