October 19, 2012

Social Issues, Culture, Economy, Politics in the Communications Technology

Outline is very impetrating our thinking as individuals within a medium nose. This makes me even more interested in an issue that is very close to the media. Moreover, the issue comes when we have a tendency to have no interest in the media. However, the issue is present, spontaneous make our thinking on the use of media to increase. In this presentation, we can look at an issue that is differentiated among other aspects. Issues such as political, social, cultural, economic, etc.. but in this presentation has a concentration on political, social, cultural, and economic.

This issue is in the media because   an information deemed important by certain parties. So the media that are considered effective in spreading an issue that may affect the future of a society. Proven media often influence a society. I was immediately hooked role of media which raised issues surrounding the elections are indications of corruption. This issue was a success because of the people who are affected by this issue decided to do not vote or choose not to choose a good leader as well as representation in parliament elect the president.


I think there are good points of the presentation made brother Titus is when "the public or the public can create and raise an issue". In this statement I immediately associate with the advent of social networking, twitter for example. In Twitter, when people become users of Twitter, talk about an issue in large numbers, then the issue may be entered into the Trending Topics. Then, the parties - those who do not know the progress of the issue, to see a display on the trending topic. This phenomenon can convince me that the public has been able to raise an issue that will be known by everyone.

Furthermore, in this presentation, discussed the regulation of the use of a communication technology to deliver an issue to a broad audience. I think in this discussion tends to emphasize a one-way relationship. Only the media are able to provide an issue in society. It's like the opposite of the statement at the beginning of the presentation. In explaining this regulation, I was getting it a medium through which the knowledge of journalistic activities seek what the issues are and the potential trends in the community. And then, the issue was raised in the media.

Later in this post  makes me confident of the economic motives alien to accessing social media. Another thing that triggers the use of social media is widespread smartphone sales to the public at affordable prices. So it is enough to trigger the use of social media among the public. Not only that, a variety of providers also appear to provide a facility to use social media at a low cost and ease of access.