October 20, 2012

Nothing Field Without Communication Interaction

Written by Tri/ Lutfi/Rizaldy 

Communication Science subject is a field of science that examines the process of delivering a message from the communicator to the communicant with a particular medium and resulted in the response of the communicant. In this process occurs feedback forth between the communicator and the communicant. However, the process of delivering a message sometimes does not always go the way we wanted. There are several disorders that frequently interfere with the communication process, whether it's the human factor from the internal or external factors. In addition, the similarity of meaning of which is owned by the communicator and the communicant is that encourages communication. If there is no similarity of meaning, how do we recipient can decode the messages we convey? The response will not be obtained and eventually make the process ineffective communication.

The communication process can occur if there is a message. Messaging is the most absolute that exist in the communication process. If there is no message, no matter what we say to others through the medium and will not make other people do the feedback on the message that we send. Messages can be anything. The words, colors, gestures, expressions and many more. As long as it can be understood by the recipient, it is called a message. Sending message in communication can be done intentionally or unintentionally. During the message cause response from other individuals, meaning it could be called communication. In the situation that the message conveyed by accident, it is important to determine who is not a communicator who communicant. The most important thing is the message has been received and interpreted, leading to a certain response in the recipient.

Humans communicate to connect his life. People can not communicate. The results of the two groups of babies prove it. The study was conducted by giving unequal treatment of the two groups of infants. The first group of babies cared for and encouraged to communicate regularly. Meanwhile, a second group of infants given the same treatment, but not to communicate. The study produced two groups of infants have a shorter lifespan than the first baby.

Humans communicate to convey his desires, wishes, goals, interests, and motives of others in order to achieve satisfaction in life. Communication through various forms of messages, both verbal and non-verbal, can also be done to show the existence of a personal, self character, habits, and so forth. For example, a man wearing a suit neatly into a friend's wedding, the dress can be a form of delivering a classy and exclusive status. A company executive who put his desk a few feet from the table employees complete with expensive seats like a boss is also a symbol of recognition that he was not a regular employee in that office. Or even a set of high coffee prices at Starbucks are also a form of communication to convey that Starbucks is an upscale coffee shop with upscale consumers as well.