October 02, 2012

How to Set Up Calendar and Tasks Syncing on Nokia Phone

In the first action please make a Nokia account. If you already have an account, simply sign in. If not, please create a new Nokia account.  You can open Nokia Suite at any time by double-clicking the application icon on your desktop.

Using Nokia Suite you can sync your calendar information and tasks between your phone and a calendar application such as Microsoft Outlook. Syncing Calendar to a mobile device is probably one of the most important and effective ways you can ensure you always have access to your dates and appointments. You can keep your phone notes in sync, too.

  1. From Software of  Nokia Suite, click Tools > Options > Calendar and tasks. Nokia Suite shows the calendar and tasks applications installed on your computer.
  2. Please to choose which of these you’d like to sync with your phone. For calendar items and tasks, you can also limit the sync to a particular time range – for example, if you don’t need to sync meetings that happened more than a couple of weeks ago, select the option From: 2 weeks in the past.

Additionally, for the calendar and tasks application in your computer that supports folders, you can also limit the sync based on user profiles and folders. Make sure you can always access your calendar, no matter where you are. Keep your calendar and tasks up to date on your computer and your phone.