October 24, 2012

Explanations of Background Development of Communication Technology

The development of communication technology that is increasingly growing more is desperately needed. This is clearly seen by change from time to time. Such developments or a process of analog and digital age becomes a very important process in the application. It can be seen that as an increasingly modern era will be growing in the application. It is clearly seen that the look of the many things that smell analog to digital. Where everyone takes effort and energy used to convey a message or information, but now do not have to bother because it may be needed is electricity. Power is growing to be a lot of things that are not suspected lin. Signal of wireless electrical, electrical power a computer, and other things that can not be mentioned one by one in reality.

    Antiquity had a lot of people to promote and seek inform  are evident in the existing application. But never mind all that now was not thought through.  Message comes by itself without being asked. This proves that the technology is getting development demanding era. Maybe not inevitable return that someday humans will rely heavily on existing technology. Because it's a lot of evidence that exposes depend on  technology makes it easy to convey user pars the desired message.
    Now humans or other individuals that will promote is not to be afraid to take a reason to advertise. Only use pre-existing social networks become increasingly easy in application. Due to all the users who have a social networking becomes easier because it already has friends in the site, and only a couple push a computer button or anything that becomes the result will come out as the delivery of messages.
Based on explanations or conclusions of  background can be formulated some questions as follows:
a. How does the use of technology in shaping the efficiency of the digital age people in the act?
b. How does the influence of modern technology to the field of advertising in social networking?