September 25, 2012

Motorola® DROID 2 A955 / RD-D2 PC Sync/ Suite software

Here is link of Motorola® DROID 2 A955 / RD-D2 PC Sync/ Suite software are ready for you. You just find in this page below and please saved to your PC Windows (7, Vista and XP). . Please click download this link below and install to your pc.

Download Link Moto Device Manager

If the software can’t be connected, you can also sync your media to your device via USB with MotoCast Application. MotoCast keeps you connected to all your stuff from your Motorola® DROID 2 A955 / RD-D2. The link is : Click here to download.

If you are also can’t connecting your PC to DROID 2 A955 / RD-D2 , you also can try this method for get alternative sync software. There must two software that installed each on PC and on Phone. Download software installed on PC : Click Here . Then please download MyPhoneExplorer Client App which software installed on Motorola® DROID 2 A955 / RD-D2. You must find and install this from android market to get this : Click here . Please Launch the software that installed on your pc , then also launch the MyPhoneExplorer Client app on your Motorola® device and click on OK or Enable and it will connect to the PC Automatically

For Mac OS please click this : iSync to download the Mac suite apps. If you are find any trouble the downloading please report me and I will repair asap