February 02, 2012

How to Spread Computer Viruses

According Muammar (2004), the virus must have spread to the media. Such media include:
1. USB Flash Disk , media storage R / W
External storage media can be used as an easy target for media dissemination, both as a place to live as well as media distribution. Media who can perform the operation R / W (Read and Write) it's possible to be carrying the virus and as a distribution medium.
2. Networking (LAN, WAN, etc.)
The relationship between multiple computers it's possible the virus directly involved move away from the exchange / execution of the file containing the virus.
3. WWW (internet)
A site is intentionally implanted a virus that will infect computers that access it.
4. Software freeware, shareware or pirated
Lots of viruses are deliberately invested in a program that is distributed either free or trial version.
5. Attachment in email, file transfering
Lately, nearly all types of virus spread using email attachments. Files deliberately flashy or attract attention, often have a double extension on the file naming.