May 02, 2012

Printing From Android PC Tablet Devices use PrinterShare

Here is tutorial to printing document or photo from android devices. Printing from an Android tablet or smartphone is   easy making use of Google Cloud printing service. Yes, it is no cost given that it is from Google. All you need to have is a Windows PC with Internet connection that’s connected to the printer that you wish to print from. Below are the steps that guide you by means of the process.

Step by step to printing from Tablet Android :

  1. If you are does not have the newest version of Google Chrome browser, go download it from here and then go by way of the basic installation method. If you already have Google Chrome installed, skip to step two.( Skip  this step if you are printing from a Wifi / Buletooth printer)
  2. Then Launch Google Chrome and setup Google Cloud Print (follow the link for step-by-step instructions of how to set up Google Cloud Print)..( Skip  this step if you are printing from a Wifi / Buletooth printer)
  3. Please Download and install PrinterShare from Google Play  to your Android tablet or smartphone. It is a no cost app that permits you to use Google Cloud Print, Wifi, or Bluetooth printers to print files stored on your Android devices as nicely as from Gmail and Google Docs.printing android tablet
  4. Open the PrinterShare app and go to Menu, choose a printer and begin printing!