May 16, 2012

Android Phone Facebook Messenger

The last Android Phone Facebook Messenger version had been much better. It mentioned not crash exactly like it and gave me notices as they happen ,this kind of version delays your notification time. If you don't know how to firewood out, you now have to attend the three dots in the corner, hit options and then hit swap use. Works okay, lets you know you have a communication the moment you get it unlike the actual chat built into the actual facebook app that can take anywhere from 20 mere seconds to over a minute to supply and fetch the messages. My just complaint is the key in button on my android device won't send a message, yet makes a new series instead. I also attempted combinations like control + enter but none of the work so i ought to tap send on-screen which is quite annoying. Create enter (or a mixture like ctrl + get into) send the message
Here 3 way to get your FB Messenger :

Download directly from Scan QR Barcode :

Barcode generated by TEC-IT

Download .apk file FB Messenger

Download from  Google Play or Market Android

Bring up to date : this new up-date bring us Emoticons as well as great now this android app will have 4? oy for the reason that very late announcements , there should be an option to generate the app book every time you want like all one minute or Five minute..  Update: alert aren't working properly ,receive overdue alert for mail messages .  This app recovering by every up-date , but when  get access by this app that didn't show me personally appearing online ?