March 24, 2012

TiPhone T323 Review and Specs

This mobile phone is unique, visible from the top right corner of "carrying" a Bluetooth headset. The existence of such devices make the TiPhone T323 impressed as premium gadget. For those of you who have high mobility, and fond of wearing a Bluetooth headset, of course, these designs are very helpful. No need to worry about Bluetooth headset will be missed.
Almost the entire body is wrapped in plastic material TiPhone T323. This makes the mobile phone is offered in two colors, namely black and red / white, relatively light compared to other qwerty mobile-phone in the market. TiPhone T323 weighs 97 grams with dimensions of 118x59x12 mm, the overall design is quite ergonomic. For buttons on the keypad, although a bit loud, texture qwerty keypad or navigation key comfortable enough when pressed.

Unfortunately there is no information about the depth of the color screen. This phone also comes with hotswap concept. To remove and install a MicroSD had to turn off the phone first,
In terms of physical, TiPhone T323 also rely on a number of multimedia features. For example, analog TV. This feature is able to search for TV broadcasts automatically and store it in your channel list. Course is presented in accordance with the broadcast TV stations that are active in the local area.
When you want to update your information, you may activate the FM radio without headset mencobloskan. Radio broadcasts can also be enjoyed via speaker phone. If you want to connect to social networks, mobile dual on GSM / GSM also provides a shortcut to the Facebook site and Twitter. Meanwhile, if you want to chat, application, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. If still not, there eBuddy application for connection to a variety of chat services.
The camera is fixed to VGA resolution (640x480 pixels). Fittings on the menu include white balance, night mode, and a number of effects such as grayscale, sepia and invert color.
The internal memory is somewhat limited, making the existence of the absolute MicroSD to run a variety of applications.
Performance is quite good overall telephony, including SMS. Unfortunately, a Bluetooth headset is still not stable, as well as the Bluetooth device brands. Internet still relies on standard GPRS connection. No constraints while enjoying TV and radio broadcasts. One drawback, namely the resolution of a VGA camera which is still limited. Unfortunately there is no information about the depth of the color and type of processor, but in a trial, some features to work optimally. TiPhone T323 powered battery with a capacity of 900mAh, when tested for 24 hours, the battery indicator only reduced one bar.