March 02, 2012

CSL Blueberry i6100 Application Online, Chat & News Portal

Flooding apparently local contact number of vendors their products play a brain stealing consumers' attention. HT Mobile, for instance, launched a series of HT M16 Music with promo "More Music Gahar with Speaker Glegar." Will be the performance of this phone is its tagline ?
CSL Blueberry i6100 brings chemistry typical local phone today: Qwerty keyboard platform, physical design BlackBerry phone models, features dual Sim. What else is taken CSL to popularize this phone? Celebrity star Agnes Monica as ads, and wallpaper with photos on the telephone screen's Agnes! What else?
Blueberry i6100 supplies the features of a standard camera for low-end phones, have real profit produce a VGA-quality photos.
Within the audio entertainment sector, the device is equipped with MP3/MP4 player, Radio plus a completed facility radio recorder.
Blueberry i6100 holds a two inch TFT color screen. CIF resolution (220 × 176 pixels) as well as the ability to display images using a depth of up to 65,000 colors.
Beneath the display are the navigation D-pad keys. And also on the left side from the navigation key, you'll find a button to dial around the SIM card 1 or SIM 2, in addition to shortcuts to the messaging features. About the right side, there's a shortcut key to Radio, audio player, and also the dial off / end.
The space between the buttons about the QWERTY keyboard is simply too tight. In effect, users will see it difficult to type quickly. Specifically for those whose dimension is relatively large fingers. Because of be extra careful so they won't cause distress button alongside participate and cause a typo.
The internal memory capacity of 128MB built-Blueberry i6100 ROM and 64MB of RAM. With applications built virtually, barely left no room for storing multimedia files. However, you will still can get around this condition while on an external memory card 2G maximum capacity is sufficient to store several files of songs, photos, and games. eka