February 21, 2012

Tutorial to Setting Wi-Fi Connection & Internet on Samsung Android Phone

Here is tutorial to setting network connection on Samsung with android operating system :

1. How to Enable Wi-Fi and Internet Connection Using WiFi
To enable Wi-Fi, go to the main screen by pressing the HOME button> press the MENU> select  (Settings)> select   (Wireless and Networks)> Wi-Fi enabled by giving a tick / check list.
In some types of  phones have been provided widget "Power Control" for easy enable / disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. To use the widget, all you have to do is touch a button HOME> on the main display screen TOUCH AND HOLD> search widget Power Control.
To use internet connection via wi-fi network, having Wi-Fi enabled> go to  (Settings)> Wireless & Networks (Wireless and Networks)> Wi-Fi settings (setting  )> Wait for some time for Android phones to detect all network wi-fi enabled> select network of wi-fi / hot spot that would be used . When prompted for a password, then the user should ask the password to the owner of the hot spot / network.

2. How to Enable Features USB and Wi-Fi Tether (Portable Hotspot)
This method applies only to mobile phones that use the Android operating system Android 2.2 Froyo and above. For Android 2.1 Eclair down, this feature is not available, unless root first.

How to turn the Wi-Fi tether or make Android phones as "modem" via Wi-Fi:

  1. Go to the   menu (settings)
  2. Click the Wireless & Network
  3. Click Tethering & Portable Hotspot
  4. Put a check in the Portable Wi-Fi Hot Spot  or on some types of Android phones, the writing is Mobile AP. Other settings are not necessary.
  5. After that you just need to turn on the wi-fi in other electronic devices, such as laptop, tablet or other mobile device and follow the procedures in other to be able to connect to the internet.

How to make Android phone as a modem using a USB connection:

  1. Make sure you have a data cable and mobile phone drivers are installed on the computer (regular driver CD is included in the sales package - an example of Samsung Kies for Samsung Android).
  2. Connect your Android phone to a computer using a data cable
  3. Go to Settings
  4. then go to Wireless & Network 
  5. Tethering & Portable Hotspot (Fastening & Portable Hotspot)
  6. Tick ​​the words "USB Tethering"
  7. Wait a minute, your computer is already connected to the internet