December 30, 2011

Democracy on IT Era

Whenever we glance at the information technology  isn't an acceptable location to realize the need and interests of citizens. As a result of course there exists a monopoly on television of communication and data inside. As accessed information do not know if the facts are true and accurate. We are all equally recognize how public opinion can be directed by the mass media and electronic. Needless to say this may cause us aware that the media has not yet fully provide education about democracy itself. This happens since there is delivery of data is manipulated.
When viewed from the eyes of democracy, participation in the community or even the public up against the government's definitely a positive side from the transparency of knowledge. As a result of high control and supervision from the community will let the advance of state institutions more professional, and net adverse deviations. Thus the instances of irregularities detrimental towards the public will be reduced.
Advancing technology and knowledge would also have a negative impact in lots of lives. By way of example, many crimes committed over the internet like facebook, the truth is advances in technology was not to blame, if you find deviation usage of information technology, it is wrong could be the consumers that use technology. Many individuals blame the online community  facebook but nobody is wrong even users who aren't able to capitalize on the proper track. Besides it also has an impact on the culture from the community, government and culture. If this isn't addressed seriously with the nation of Indonesia, the country will forfeit the identity of the nation, specifically in regards to cultural identity of the nation. This occurs as the culture of Indonesia will fade eroded by foreign cultures.
In accordance with Pramono Anung "Individuals and groups could have a" kitchen secrets "that should never be publicly known. Likewise, a country of confidentiality and may interfere with sovereignty if confidential information was leaked on the public ". Leaks is a negative impact of technology. A little bit ago there was the case of your leak the documents various countries through website WikiLeaks. Given these leaks some countries feel aggrieved, obviously any good country it doesn't answer the valuables in the WikiLeaks documents are considered as received from unreliable sources.
With this era of globalization government should play in addressing the development of information and communication technologies to prevent distortions. 

1.Increasing quality of democracy
2.Making transformation, freedom of info and also the press
3.Freedom info is not hindered, as well as the public are protected from negative access
4.Can be the facilitator on the field of communication and information and media to produce inside a healthy, as happened in a country that upholds democracy.
Thus, information and communication technology has an important role as state policies could possibly be affected by technology.However technology plays a huge role in the lifetime of nation and state governments and also the public can control the data technology of the negative impact that it could be minimized. Government  should also are likely involved in dealing with the growth of information and communication technologies to counteract distortions. In addition to that though there exists freedom to acquire and convey information by no means a no cost society freely access information. For the benefit for certain information ought to be limited.